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The natural gas pipeline project in the Baltic Sea - the so-called Balticconnector - is now being realised. Ramboll carried out feasibility studies for this large-scale EU funded project and has been appointed technical project management consultant and engineering consultant for the project. The Balticconnector is a 100-150km offshore pipeline linking the gas networks of Finland and Estonia.

Linking gas grids between three countries

By 2010, the proposed time of completion, the Balticconnector will be an impressive natural gas transmission system, stretching from the Incukalns natural gas storage facility on Latvia via Estonia to Finland. It will link the Finnish, Estonian and Latvian natural gas grids and enable Latvia's natural gas storage capacity to be used to meet the standards of all three states. Total estimated cost of the project is close to EUR 200 million.

The work has involved:

  •  system layout and flow analyses of the offshore pipeline and connecting networks
  • landfall evaluations and installation design
  • preliminary engineering of the offshore pipeline
  • cost estimates and schedules
  • contacts to national and local authorities on environmental protection and permitting procedures

Furthermore, Ramboll tendered an offshore pipeline route survey and provided expert assistance during the field investigations and laboratory work on behalf of our customer.

We also prepared the technical basis for the application of financial support under the EU-TEN programme, which was granted.

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