A simple and effective way to dampen vibrations

13 september 2017

At the Eurosteel 2017 conference, Ramboll will present a more efficient solution to reducing vibration of masts, towers and chimneys that is easier to install and minimises maintenance costs.

A Liquid Damper is installed in the top of the top cylinder of the 125m tall tower in Karlskrona, Sweden

A Liquid Damper is installed in the top of the top cylinder of the 125m tall tower in Karlskrona, Sweden


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By Minna Sonne

Knowledge sharing and strengthening of research work are of key importance for development in the field of structural steel. That is the main message when 580 of the world’s leading steel experts from 42 countries meet in Copenhagen for the 8th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures, Eurosteel 2017. Ramboll is a main sponsor of the event.

At Eurosteel 2017, experts from all over the world will present papers at the forefront of steel research, giving all participants the chance to gain state-of-the-art knowledge and discuss developments within the field of structural steel with leading specialists.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Ramboll will present on optimisation of masts and towers.
In a new paper, which has been selected one of the best at the conference Ramboll presents a simple and effective way of damping vortex-induced vibrations for slender steel structures such as masts, towers and chimneys, by installing a tuned liquid sloshing damper (TLSD).

At worst, vibrations can cause structures to fail. Installing a TLSD, which is basically a container filled with liquid, provides a simple solution to the problem:

“The container is often made as a square box or a cylinder that is easily mounted at the top of a mast, tower or chimney, thus providing the most efficient damping of the critical vibration mode. A TLSD is also preferred when it comes to maintenance as only the liquid level has to be checked”, says Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen, Technical Director in Ramboll.

Ramboll has tested the efficiency of the TLSD on a broadcast tower in Norway. At the Eurosteel 2017 conference, the results will be presented along with an introduction to TSLD design.

Ramboll will also present on the newly opened Queensferry Crossing in Scotland, new designs for transmission line towers in Denmark, as well as Ramboll’s 30 years of experience with weathering steel. In all, Ramboll contributes with 10 presentations at the conference.

The Eurosteel 2017 conference takes place from September 13-15 and is organized by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish Steel Institute (DSI).

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