När: 10 april 2018
Var: Epicenter, Stockholm
Moderator: Ola Ahlvarsson

Under dagen ser vi bland andra Nick Earle från Virgin Hyperloop One, Coen Van Oostrom från OVG Real Estate/The Edge, Bodil Ericsson, Volvo Cars Mobility och Helene Barnekow, Telia Sverige.

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Welcome to Nordic Buildtech Day
Niklas Sorensen, CEO, Ramboll Sweden

A journey in disruption and digital opportunities 
Ola Ahlvarsson, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder Epicenter

The Edge - The worlds smartest and most sustainable building (eng) 
Coen Van Oostrom, CEO & Founder, OVG Real Estate

Virgin Hyperloop One - Re-thinking trains, speed ana transportation at the speed of imagination (eng) 
Nick Earle, SVP Global Field Operations, Virgin Hyperloop One 
Malcolm Sjodahl, Director Business Development, Ramboll

Buildtech and the changes ahead for our industry (eng) 
Hilde Tonne, Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer, Ramboll

Intelligent cities of tomorrow 
Hilde Tonne and Raid Karoumi, Professor, KTH

Nordic change makers you need to know (eng) 
Morten Lund, Founder, 5th Element & Poshtel, aiming to solve sustainable housing for both rich and poor.

Havard Haukeland, CEO & Founder, Spacemaker.ai, a game changing Al technology that discovers the smartest ways to maximize the value of any building site

Financing the smart city? 
Staffan Hansen, CEO, SPP
Sandro Scocco, Chief Economist, Arena Ide. Author of "Under falsk flagg" 
Christopher Flensborg, Head of Climate & Sustainable Financial Solutions, SEB

Digital transformation seen from the Cockpit 
Alexandra Hagen, CEO, White Arkitekter 
Niklas Sorensen ,CEO, Ramboll Sweden 
Mats Hederos, CEO, AMF Fastigheter

Re-thinking business models - engineering and construction as a service 
Hilde Tonne, Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer, Ramboll 
Bodil Eriksson, CEO, Volvo Cars Mobility 
Magnus Svantegard, Digital Strategist Stronghold, initiator "Nordic Proptech Initiative" 
Anders Torell, Head of Business Transformation & digitalization, NCC

Global tech giants and buildtech 
Peter Jetzel, COO, Epicenter Oslo & former Head of Partnerships, Google Northern Europe