Henrik Juhl

Global Spearhead Director, Jackets, Pipelines & Subsea, Gas & LNG

Tel: +45 5161 8772

“In recent years Henrik Juhl has also devoted his time to management and development of a consultancy and engineering organisation with international oil, gas and offshore wind projects”

Henrik Juhl joined Ramboll in 1992 and has held various project management and lead engineer positions in the company over the years. In 2009 he was appointed Regional Director for our Copenhagen office.

Henrik is an experienced business executive and company manager and holds close to 20 years of experience with offshore oil and gas projects. Today he manages a staff of approximately 100 employees and is deeply involved in the business development and growth strategy of our operations at the Copenhagen office.

Henrik is especially experienced within offshore pipelines and subsea systems and has headed several of our large pipeline projects.

Ramboll Sverige

Ramboll Sverige
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