Shonn Mills

PE MASCE CEng MICE, Global Spearhead Director, High Rise Buildings


“"No matter how big and complex the project — multi-million euro projects in the public realm — we always make time for pure creativity."”

Curriculum vitae

Shonn Mills joined the company in 2007 as an Associate. He became Associate Director in 2008 and Director in 2010.

Shonn is based at our London office, where he leads a structural engineering team. In more than 15 years as an engineer, he has acquired an impressive portfolio of major international projects, often incorporating bridges and transport infrastructure and including business and retail developments, and public buildings such as stadiums and airports. Long span structures were an early specialism which he has continued to develop.

In addition to a lively enthusiasm for the technical challenges of his work, Shonn has considerable knowledge of process and legislation, including such critical areas as security and public safety.

Shonn's attitude to both design and project management is emphatically collaborative and multi-disciplinary. He fosters a goal-orientated approach within his team, where providing the best solution is seen as a common responsibility, regardless of specialism. A strong and dynamic leader, he is comfortable with the management of extremely large and complex projects, where his broad understanding of the range of disciplines involved is of particular value.

An early interest in architecture led Shonn into a career in engineering, and he continues to relish the collaboration between architect and engineer in creating a key architectural statement — a soaring roof structure or graceful bridge. However, concise and elegant solutions to less visible aspects give him equal satisfaction, and he emphasizes the importance of hands-on design as a source of inspiration for all other areas of his work.

Shonn is expert in engineering for areas of seismic activity and, to disseminate this expertise, founded Ramboll's dynamics task group, which he chairs. He is also a member of our internal reinforcement detailing task group.

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